Do you know who said that?

He was elected an official by the inhabitants of this town.

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Something you should know about me is that I stay up until late at night.


Where do you know that from?


It's only leaves and branches.

He is an expert at solving such problems.

Betsy opened the curtains.

They saw it too.

Tao was supposed to be here by now.

They don't look so happy, do they?

Someone ate all my cupcakes.

Let's go there together.

I've given you everything I can give you.

Can you call Reid?

He had lunch.

Father made me a model of a ship.

Jochen never lends money to anyone.

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They had to promise to obey the laws of Mexico.

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They made a stubborn resistance.

Someone's coming, close the box and conceal it!

It was amazingly easy.

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He answered my question in the negative.

Serdar left early.

Ten people were packed into the small room.

I don't mean to add words of my own devising.

I've seen this movie at least three times already.


Ira needs help.

We really did do that.

Why him and not me?

The bad smell disgusted us.

The Lions caught up in the 7th inning.


If by some chance it were to rain, he wouldn't go.

The bedraggled houses were finally destroyed by the platoon.

I'm very drawn to you.

My sister has been taking piano lessons since she was four.

The dog was busy burying his bone in the garden.


You poor thing.

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They all thought Lynne was crazy.


Potatoes are vegetables.

The Qutub Minar and Red Fort are in Delhi.

It was very distressing.

Tell us what that means.

Can you shut up?

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You two deserve each other.

The needle is pointing toward the north.

I didn't consult with Aaron.

You should've come here earlier.

The conference drew 150 diplomats.

My mother believes in Christianity.

What's taking everybody so long?


His teeth are yellow from smoking too much.


The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876.

I'll tell you everything.

Vice hates his last name.

This work is new to me.

I haven't lost my mind.

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Tracy did send Sergeant flowers once.


I don't think that'll work.


The battle of Waterloo became famous.

I didn't want to come here at all.

I suspected she was dangerous.

I want to stay with them.

He was tired, so he went to bed earlier.


I won't answer any more questions until I talk to my lawyer.


We're going to see him right now.

He sauntered through the park whistling a tune he'd learned in his youth.

I hate her.


The blue sky fooled me so I didn't bring an umbrella.

We're coming right back.

How do we stop it?

I'll drop in on you sometime in the near future.

Evan was head over heels for Ole.


Knute has a thick beard.


They give each other presents.

I love to collect stamps.

The cracking sound startled us.


He works hard because he is anxious to succeed.

Claude is playing with his dog.

Tell me in your own words what happened.

Cindie and I got to know each other quite well when we traveled together.

We talked about many things.


Can you teach me to fight?

The floor creaked.

The cat is licking the candle stand out of love for the candle.

The warm weather will bring the fruit trees into blossom soon.

The plan will be carried out in the near future.


The King had hardly made a few steps to the door when he was startled by Morshu's mean laughter. The trickster merchant jumped out from behind the couch. "I got you on camera! I got you on camera!" he grinned triumphantly. "Me too," Ganon appeared next. "Hey, that's not nice!" the King cried frustratedly. "Give me that!" Morshu easily dashed a few attempts to snatch the camera. "Oh no, King, we're already putting this on YouTube!" Ganon gloated. "For the lulz!" "The lulz!" Morshu joined. "No, please, no!" the King beat his fists against the floor in despair. "Stop it, stop the uploading! Please, PLEASE!" "Hehehe," Ganon had the smuggest smirk on his face, "this is better entertainment than stealing offering money!"

Pia has curlers in her hair.

The man cheated her out of her money.

She knows ten times as many English words as I do.

What kind of cookies are these?

Have you ever searched this word in the dictionary?

It is no joke.

Yes. I was very surprised at the news.

The work leaves traces on Tatoeba...

This is really sweet.

Don't pay any attention to the boss.

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We talked the plan over with him.

Elisabeth acted suspiciously when the police came to search his office.

I didn't like the result.


No one's listening.

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Have you ever seen him eat?

All of the villages in this region have been destroyed, without exception.

Why did you interfere in an affair that did not concern you at all?

Show me a cheaper one, please.

Mario took a long warm bath.

I am thinking of my vacation.

Pascal has never seen Rod dance.

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I'll take them to Kate.

I wonder why he wasn't there.

We will close around 7 p.m.


He seemed quite puzzled how to answer the question.

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I still don't know yet.

Is there anything else you can tell us that might help?

I liked him.

Red is out of fashion.

Rajiv was sick of his job.

It is rude to point at people.

Have you gotten in touch with Kim?


I don't like to take on such heavy responsibilities.

Mick prays several times a day.

A hole in one is moving on the whole.


Check with them.

How late do you stay open?

OK. I'm just next door so if you can get that assurance let me know.

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Craig likes music.

Two rival parties are essential to good democratic government.

Many a man believes the story.

You can't just have it.

Christmas is just a few days away.

At last the rats came to the river.

Prakash and Price met in Boston.

He was big and handsome.

I sent them home to Boston.

I won't let it happen again.

It is not rare for girls today to talk as if they were boys.

She was soaked from head to foot.

Kurt told me he asked Amarth to the homecoming dance.


Jacob wasn't able to get the box open.


She lives in the country.

Dick took Pandora to his favorite restaurant on their wedding anniversary.

As there must be moderation in other things, so there must be moderation in self-criticism.


It's been a busy two days.

I've never had this kind a problem before.

Consumption tax is not included in the display price.

Our dog seldom bites.

Camels can travel over hundreds of kilometers during several days without drinking a drop of water.

Look at the price.

Elric spent a lot of money last weekend.

If Francois had had enough money, he would have gone to Boston with Leo.

If you have pain in your chest, consult your doctor right away.

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Most of her friends are boys.

Justice without mercy is cruelty; mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution.

Ronni is smarter than anyone else.

Did you get an answer from Ravindran?

I couldn't have done this without him.


Because we're worth it.


She started kissing him as soon as he got home.

Why hast thou forsaken me?

I got it through my head that my parent's strict rules were for my own benefit.